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Title and Logo for the video game Pine Lily Village


Laborious Lark Studios 

The studio was founded in 2021 in Wisconsin, USA and is currently solo developing its first game, Pine Lily Village

Contact Information

Desription of the video game Pine Lily Village


Pine Lily Village is a cozy, magic themed farming sim inspired by the classics. Grow your farm, complete quests for the local townsfolk, cast spells in dangerous dungeons, and level up your skills in fishing, cooking, crafting, and more.

Development History of the video game Pine Lily Village

Development History

I started development of Pine Lily Village in early 2020. As with a lot of indie developers, I wanted to make a game that I wanted to play. I grew up playing Nintendo games and fell in love with farming sims as an adult. I work full time as a computer programmer and am working on Pine Lily Village in the evenings and weekends. Its a lot of work to but I'm so excited to show what I am making. I will have a demo available to the public by Q4 2022.

Features of the video game Pine Lily Village


  • Raise magical crops and animals

  • Experience the village through 4 distinct seasons

  • Test your skills while catching a wide variety of fish and bugs

  • Dig up artifacts to display in the local museum

  • Progress through a skill tree to improve your spell casting abilities

Credits for the video game Pine Lily Village


  • Programming, Art, Design: Laborious Lark Studios

  • Key Art: GetTheFlockOut on 99designs by Vista

  • Website Illustration and Logo: Red F.O.X. on 99designs by Vista

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